Nov. 13, 2015 Presse

IGP increases international sales force

Huber M. 2015Michael Huber is joining the international sales team of the IG Pflanzenzucht. He takes care of the IG Pflanzenzucht sales activities in Western Europe since 1.11.2015.

Michael Huber studied horticulture at the University for Applied Sciences Weihenstephan. He obtained a scholarship for a German- French master at the AGRO CAMPUS OUEST in Angers.  After his master he worked as a sales manager for a company in France which is specialized in biocontrol and in distributing of bio pesticides for seed dressing. 

Michael Huber is representing the IG Pflanzenzucht to our partners in Western Europe. He is responsible for the exchange of information about the IG Pflanzenzucht varieties and helps with a specific introduction of our plant varieties in the Western Europe markets.