Nov. 17, 2015 Presse

Hyballiance - the first European hybrid wheat breeding alliance


HYBALLIANCE - European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) - Joint research for hybrid wheat breeding

 Wheat is the most important cereal crop in Europe. Based on intensified research and breeding activities the acreage of hybrid wheat in Europe will increase strongly in the future. Research in hybrid wheat breeding is time and cost intensive. For the success in hybrid wheat breeding different genepools, that enable maximum heterosis effects, are necessary.

Based on these prerequisites five European wheat breeding companies have decided to start a strategic collaboration in hybrid wheat research and have founded an European company called HYBALLIANCE to develop methods of hybrid wheat creation. It is the first time that plant breeders from 4 different countries (France, Germany, Poland and Austria) are working together in one company on this topic.

HYBALLIANCE has its seat in Auchy, in the north of France, close to Lille and will conduct its research work in Germany in Biendorf (Sachsen-Anhalt) as well as on all other breeding locations of the participating companies.


The members of HYBALLIANCE are:

Berthold Bauer
Kaiser-Otto-Straße 8
06406 Bernburg, OT Biendorf - Germany

Caussade Semences
Impasse de la Lère
BP 109
82303 Caussade Cedex - France

Danko Hodowla Roślin Sp. z o.o.
Choryń 27
64-000 Kościan – Poland

Lemaire Deffontaines Semences
180 Rue du Rossignol
59310 Auchy lez Orchies – France

Saatzucht Donau GesmbH. & CoKG
Saatzuchtstrasse 11
2301 Probstdorf - Austria

HYBALLIANCE will be managed by Mr. Berthold Bauer (owner and general manager of Saatzucht Bauer) and Mr. Johann Birschitzky (general manager of Saatzucht Donau). The research work will be coordinated by Dr. Christiane Kosellek.

All members of HYBALLIANCE will stay fully independent in their current breeding and seed production activities and will especially continue their wheat breeding programs to create new varieties (pure lines) for the European seed markets.


- Berthold Bauer

Mr. Berthold Bauer



- Caussade Semences

Mr. Nicolas Helstroffer



- Danko Hodowla Roślin Sp. z o.o.

Mr. Karol Marciniak



- Lemaire Deffontaines Semences

Mr. Philippe Lemaire



- Saatzucht Donau GesmbH. & CoKG

Mr. Johann Birschitzky